Your compliance obligations don’t need to take you away from your business.

Staying up to date, adjusting processes or changing paperwork in an active compliance environment can be stressful and time consuming for a broker. Our software system, education program and support team are there to support you with your compliance obligations

Compliance automation


Compliance documents are sent directly to your clients via Chief during the loan application process. And the documents are securely stored for audit purposes

Regulatory updates


Our ongoing webinars and Professional Development days will keep you updated on changes from ASIC and your obligations, in practical terms to ensure your safety



Our in-house support staff can assist with feedback on day to day broker operations and our team at PwC Lawyers are on hand for advice on compliance breaches or issues.


Our weekly webinar schedule of compliance, best practice and quality loan submission topics translate recent ASIC and lender requirements into the day to day world for brokers. Listen live or access our library for recorded sessions.

In house mentor & credit coaching

Our training team, people that have walked your shoes, will ensure your processes from client interview to loan submission are over laid with a compliance lens that will provide fairness for your client and protection for you.

Lender centre

The Chief Lender Centre, first of its kind in Australia, allows thorough discovery and saves time by allowing you to search by policy to narrow down the most suitable – and responsible – lender for the client before comparing rates.

Chief knowledge base

This library has many of the guidelines, answers and forms that you’ll need to operate as a credit representative and to fulfill your obligations under the Responsible Lending act. It’s the place to start your enquiries and support queries.


Software with compliance front of mind? Chief has been designed to increase your productivity and help fulfill your compliance obligations by sending documentation directly to the client mirroring the loan application journey and your obligations.

Industry updates

Stay connected with updates straight to your inbox and via our fortnightly Broker News and PD days. Information as it happens from Lenders and ASIC that may have an impact on how you go about business and any new obligations.

Broker support/Help desk

Our support team have come from a Broker’s world but if they can’t answer your questions or challenges regarding compliance, they’ll refer it to our legal team. Feel assured you are getting the best advice.