How to increase lead generation as a broker

Social media is being used by more and more people everyday, and the amount of time spent browsing on these platforms is increasing too. It provides businesses of all sizes new opportunities for marketing which can be tailored to suit any budget. With a smorgasbord of different tools available, sometimes it can be difficult defining which ones will be most effective for your individual business. A good way to figure this out is by observing your competition and deciding which tools worked best for them, and then implementing this into your own brand strategy. Past learnings from successful brokers and real estate agents has taught us that video can be a very powerful tool when utilised the right way. With the power to reach and connect with old, current and prospective customers video allows you to create messages that are personal, engaging, educational and easy to on-share.


When new clients are searching for a mortgage broker on social media they may view a number of different candidates so you need to have a point of difference to stand out. A great way to achieve this and win over a customer is with a personalised video that resonates with your clients creating a sense of trust.

People want to work with and buy from people they trust, especially when it comes to significant financial discussions such as buying a home. We know standing in front of a camera doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but sometimes we have to push ourselves to get the best results. People like seeing success stories that they can relate to and seeing live testimonials from other people – Unlike written testimonials and reviews on your landing page which you technically could have made up, people are more likely to trust the person they can see and get to know in the video because they know they are real. Finding the courage to stand in front of the camera could actually be the hero move that allows you to bring someones home ownership dreams to life. 

If you can showcase real life stories of clients you have helped then you will be well on your way to creating a powerful social media presence for your business.

How to win over a new client

You may have a new client that you have had an initial conversation with but you found it difficult to find a natural connection. When you get a lead that’s usually the hard part done right? So don’t let them get away too easily. A proven tactic you can try when your first conversation doesn’t go too well is to follow up with a short video. A video exhibiting positive experience from your happy clients could be the thing that wins your client back.

Video production 

There are many different ways you can create video content including DIY iphone/laptop videos, to more expensive professional videos using a production agency. If you want to create your own videos there are plenty of easy to access apps and programs online that you can use to cut and edit your videos.

The best feeling as a finance broker is helping people achieve their dreams, so why not show the rest of the world the amazing work you are doing by sharing it on social media – who knows it might even go viral!


KEY TAKEAWAY:  Just like the old saying “you have to see it to believe it”, consumers instil more trust in people and stories they can physically see. Improve the bottom line for your business, build a strong rapport with your customers by incorporating more engaging videos on all social media platforms​. 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not legal or financial advice. It has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, situation or needs. Before acting on this information, you should consider the appropriateness of the recommendations, having regard to your own objectives, situation and needs. We encourage you to consult a professional before acting on any suggestions provided in this article or on this website.

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