Persistence, Plateaus & 40yrs of Learnings (A Convo with Rosco)

Business Mastery Webinars

Date / Time: June 14, 2017 2:00 pm AEST
Duration: 60 minutes

As a broker, Rosco has enjoyed a varied and successful career spanning nearly 40 years beginning with Car Finance in the late ‘70s, later becoming No1 Aussie Home Loan Writer. He owned his own successful brokerage. While operating his Yellow Brick road branch, he held yearly back-to-back victories for customer service, insurance and sales achievements. He has supported and coached countless brokers to success over the years. Rosco is the National Sales Manager for My Local Aggregation and in this open, generous and entertaining conversation will share: How to build your mortgage business year on year How to network to family and friends How to work your fact finder to locate genuine opportunities

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